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Dadant & Sons
Supplies, equipment and publishers of American Bee Journal magazine.
A.I. Root
Another giant in the industry, and publishers of Bee Culture magazine.
Brushy Mountain Bee Farm
Supplier of equipment, foundation and great wood-ware!
Western Bee Supplies
Another supplier of quality pine wood-ware, right out of Montana!
National Honey Board
News, announcements and reports from the honey industry on prices, trends, etc.
Find more news and announcements at The American Bee Federation web site!
Beltsville Bee Lab
The Beltsville Bee Research Laboratory is one of the best sources for bee diseases, parasites and pest information.
Home of APIS Newsletter, University of Florida's web site is a great source for information!
B-Plus Newsletter
Michigan State University's B-Plus Newsletter has a lot of good info too!
TBA Journal
Texas Beekeeper's Association Journal (my start in beekeeping was in Texas).
Allen Dick: Alberta Beekeeping, ...
From Canada, Allen Dick highlights his commercial operation, and includes loads of information on bees, pollination, etc.!
P-O's Beekeeping Homepage
From Sweden, P-O Gustafsson has a great site on his beekeeping profession!
Midnite Bee
Wow! This site is a honey of a source for a wealth of information!
This multi-language international site has tons of information!
Beekeeper's Reference
Another source for more links on one of my favorite hobbies.

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